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This is the second oldest continuous badminton in the world. Only the All England Badminton tournament is older (in the 125th year this year).

The Club had 23 unique players registered in the tournament this year, which was 7 more than last year. Although there were 23 players, a number played in more than one category (Levels (MENS/Women’s), Mixed or Singles).

In the Men’s doubles category, Neal King & Callum Napier came 1st in their Division with Adam Newberry and his partner coming 2nd. Tim Leakey (Club Chairman) & Tom Napier came 2nd in their category.

In the mixed doubles category, Giovanni (Gio) Banuelos and Tara Ananthesayanan came 1st in their category (won all their matches) with Callum Napier & April Johns coming 2nd to them. Adam Newberry came 3rd in his category.

In the Singles category, Neal King came first (won all his matches) & Adam Newberry came 2nd.

Congratulations to all the club players who took part in the Tournament.

Maybe we can have more players in the Tournament next year.